Our Lady of the Not Very Convincing Grill Smear

Our Lady of the Not Very Convincing Grill SmearIn the small town of Calexico, a Sonoran desert town on the border of California and Mexico, persons who were already afflicted with ridiculous Catholic-brand religious delusions reported a miraculous Marian apparition on a restaurant grill that was being cleaned when a shape, vaguely phallic or reminiscent of a butt plug, appeared on the surface of the grill.

News reports of this “miracle” have cited the fact that Mexican wrestlers wearing masks believe the image is literally a 2,000 year old virgin who never once had a penis penetrate her vagina causing her virgin hymen to tear. Or it could be a penis. Or a butt plug. Our Lady of the Mexican Butt PlugLike the ones you can buy at this website.

No doubt this miraculous appearance by the mother of a deity who was born so humans could kill him in an effort to persuade himself to forgive humans for killing him is related somehow to the recent H1N1 virus outbreak that threatens the menudo supply.

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3 Responses to “Our Lady of the Not Very Convincing Grill Smear”

  1. Penelope Says:

    I love this compilation of virgin mary’s SO MUCH! It’s hilarious!

    But I can’t believe you haven’t posted this yet!


  2. Ungodly Says:


    Thank you for that link. It’s wonderful!


  3. mary is satan Says:

    the words of the Savior “An Adulteress generation seek after signs”

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