Our Lady of the Virginal Hardwood Vagina

At an undisclosed location in North America, a team of Papal security guards are standing watch over the holiest of all shrines to Our Blessed Mother, the one which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is, in fact, a virgin mother.

It is plainly obvious that She has chosen a poor, misshapen tree trunk to expose her virginal vagina so that skeptics and those who have little faith but are trying to be dumber may see that, indeed, she does in fact still have that strangely deprecated bit of tissue to keep out those lustful sinners that are hoping to get a piece of God’s mommy.

We regret that we can not be more specific about the location of this deciduous proof of divine abstinence, just look at the photo and see if it does not give you a sacred woody too.

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5 Responses to “Our Lady of the Virginal Hardwood Vagina”

  1. Unbeliever Says:

    I’d love to find a tree like that in the woods! lol

  2. Jose Says:

    04-05-10-11-15-19 Rood

  3. Keirra Says:

    i Thouqhtt this was a monkeyyy ! . . :D

  4. Faps Says:

    Got wood

  5. El Rey Says:

    You are a disgrace for this comment. Is your life like this too? Think about it, and if you have a little of self esteem maybe you would decide to fix all of your disorganized aspects of your life. Love yourself, and live better.

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