Our Lady of the Freeway Underpass

Obdulia Delgado, by her own admission, is afflicted with religious beliefs. She believes that invisible super pals live outside of space and time, yet somehow have voodoo like powers to control what happens in the real world. It is a very common malady for human beings to buy ancient fairy tales lock stock and barrel because their well-meaning and similarly afflicted parents slipped a bunch of preposterous ideas into their head while they were too young to evaluate fairy tales and reject them.

So it was that poor Obdulia, her brain operating on a host of false assumptions, was pre-disposed to see things that were not there and believe that they were.

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At a time when she was stressing over school work, and after praying to a fictional character that cannot possibly exist, she thought she saw evidence of her fairy tale world come into the real world. We bring you, Our Lady of the Freeway Underpass.

I’m not sure what you may see when you look at these road salt deposits on a concrete bridge structure, but to me it seems to resemble female genitalia. Could it be that what Obdulia Delgado really saw was Our Lady of the Concrete Vagina? That might explain the virginity angle. I don’t think I know a single straight man that gets turned on by concrete.

In any case, it is clearly a case of pareidolia, innit?

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  1. pinoymobz Says:

    after the katrina hurricane the united states just issued the new 50 doller bills, they added clouds… if u fold lt like the twin tower of the 20 doller bills exactly.. the 50doller bill clouds forms into virgin mary… i dont know if im the first person to see this.. but i would like to share what i see…

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