Our Lady of the Vagina Shaped Reflection on a Garage Door

In Minersville Pennsylvania there is a house with glass windows that is across the street from a garage with a garage door.Our Lady of the Vagina Shaped Reflection on a Garage Door Sometimes the angle of the sun is such that the sun shines on the glass window of the house and a portion of that sunlight is reflected onto the surface of the garage door across the street. It’s a miracle!

Who would have ever guessed that the angle of incidence could ever equal the angle of reflection? This proves she never took the whole thing!

It is obvious that this reflection shows us a virgin mother with perfectly intact hymen that has never once been penetrated by a penis that was attached to an old guy with a beard that created the Universe. And by comparing her Caucasian features to the extensive collection of photographs of The Holy Virgin Mother of God Who Was Made Pregnant By God and Gave Birth to God we can make a positive identification of this reflection as the actual Virgin Mary, again.Our Lady of the Vagina Shaped Reflection on a Garage Door with Perfectly Intact Hymen

And how about that vagina shape! People that find reality too complicated and threatening can take refuge in the warm, juicy confines of her Perfectly Virginal Vagina with Intact Hymen. Then the only thing they have to worry about is whether Father O’Brien is still porking virginal altar boys down at the parish hall after Bingo every Friday night.

A Virgin Mother here, a Virgin Altar Boy there, hey, it sounds like we have everything required for a new religion. Let’s call it the Holy Roman Altar Boy and Virgin Mommie Church. Dumbasses rule!
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8 Responses to “Our Lady of the Vagina Shaped Reflection on a Garage Door”

  1. Erol Says:


    Well what can i see, the old roman catholic tale of make belief and popish crap again.

    Why am i not surprised :-)

  2. You Will die and go to hell and be damned Says:

    wow! you guys really have guts to say the things that you say! well may God judge you fairly when you die.

  3. The Owner Says:

    Oh noes! Not the Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy! Oh noes! Please, if you must threaten me, not The Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy.

  4. Eric Says:

    To the owner: based upon your puerile comments and poorly supported claims, I’m guessing you’re about 12 years old and don’t know any better. If my assumption is incorrect and you already have passed the age of adolescence, please do me a favor and let me know if you ever decide to join the ranks of rational thinkers.

  5. Erol Says:

    To Eric: If you are not a 12 year old kid then why do you believe in this crap in the first place? Do you really think that if the virgin mary where alive she would’nt have something better to do then to show up in glass windows, blue berry muffins, high way signs and a man’s wounded leg!?

    I am a believer in G-d unlike the owner but you my friend are the one who is heading for teh equally imaginary hell that your own cult made up if you do not leave her immediately.

    Wake up man and get a life.

  6. Regen Says:

    having a baby as a virgin would hurt a billion times more I am guessing..

  7. Pray for you Says:

    Poor you. All you can see in the word ‘Virginity’ is a vagina.

  8. mary is satan! Says:

    the words of the Savior “An Adulteress generation seek after signs”

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