Our Lady of the Storm Window Broken by a Rock

Our Lady of the Storm Window Broken by a Rock, Jesup GA, Sapp family homeSome time ago a lawn mower propelled a rock which struck a window in the home of Greg and Debbie Sapp in Jesup, GA.

The rock damaged the outer glass of the dual pane window allowing the exchange of air and eventually creating a vagina-shaped mark on the inside of the window. It’s a miracle! How else can you explain the fact that a stain much like other stains in other defective dual pane windows appeared in a roughly vagina shaped form at the home of a family already afflicted with preposterous ancient superstitions about a pregnant virgin giving birth to a son who made her pregnant and was his own son, his own dad, and let’s not even think about the grandfather. God the Father, God the Son, God the Virgin Child Molester – patron saint of Catholic Priests.

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that manifests itself in the strong tendency of the human mind to recognize shapes that are not there. In prehistoric times, when virgins seldom got pregnant or manifested themselves inside storm windows, it may have been very useful for human vision to be especially keen at recognizing the face of a tiger lurking behind that bush over there. So evolution may have favored those primates that were especially keen at quickly recognizing a familiar face, shape, or virgin bride who never once had a stiff, hard penis thrusting powerfully in and out of her hot, juicy love canal.

Seriously though, if you were the first one in your tribe to recognize a predator about to pounce you might have had better odds of living long enough to reproduce, thus giving your tendency to recognize vague shapes better odds of being passed on.

This does not mean that every time a human mind recognizes something familiar to their imagination in a nearby object that the face or shape recognized is really there. It does seem as though only people who think this imaginary ancient mother of a popular fictional character never took the whole thing – those folks are the ones who see her in defective window panes.

And it’s nice when rational people have another good reason to ridicule preposterous ancient fairy tales. At least, we enjoy it. If the Virgin Mary gave some hot looking guy a really great blow job she would still be a virgin, right? It’s all about a penis going into a vagina, which, makes me wonder why so many Catholic priests speak so highly of this innocent vagina-pure imaginary lady, I mean, she was never even an altar boy.

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3 Responses to “Our Lady of the Storm Window Broken by a Rock”

  1. Deborah Says:

    It’s utterly amazing how Athiest and God haters refuse to give their name. What poor cowards. I pray for them every day. May God bless them. I am encouraged to pray even harder.
    Debbie Sapp

  2. sherry Says:

    your a sick person to write that stuff god help you sherry

  3. Sammi Jo Says:

    “god haters”?
    Atheists don’t hate god, we just don’t believe in him, how do you hate something that you don’t believe exists?
    A virgin birth? GMAFB!
    Mary got knocked up and sold that story to her dad, he wasn’t buying it, and tossed her out on her azz.
    Superstitous people believed her and a god myth was born.

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